Experience to Set the Standard: About Our Globally Oriented Corporate Law Firm in Toronto

Samuel Baker and Vinay Sarin, Toronto corporate lawyers

Baker combines more than eighty years of legal and business experience, enabling us to offer mature general counsel and refined focus across a broad spectrum of clients’ needs. Lead counsel Sam Baker and Vinay Sarin have an intimate appreciation of diverse corporate cultures, perspectives and objectives. For many clients, we fill a role comparable to that of “in-house” counsel addressing legal requirements ranging from daily business and regulatory compliance to complex, multinational business acquisitions.

Located in North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we are proud to serve our local community; and as a globally-focused Canadian law firm we also facilitate international and cross-border transactions in and out of Canada.

Where clients require services in areas such as civil litigation or criminal law, we draw upon counsel specialized in those areas with whom we are closely associated.